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Luminaires for central power systems


Downlight luminaires

Leader on the French market of the emergency lighting by Central battery power systems, our company prescribed, defines, manufactures and maintenance of the complete sets adapted to the public buildings (Hospital, Supermarkets, stores, offices, cinemas, dancing, conference and meeting rooms...)

AEES proposes a new range of Downlight luminaires for the work areas (emergency lighting) by Central battery power systems. All luminaires are designed and manufactured to standard NF EN 60 598-2-22 and mark NF AEAS LSC conformed to the French safety regulations.


The flexibility and the reactivity of our sales department, enable us to provide complete equipment "Central battery power systems & luminaires" perfectly adapted to the constraints defined for each application. They illuminate essential work areas and escape routes when normal lighting systems fail.

AEES is recognized by the market as the specialist of the emergency lighting by Central battery power systems AC and DC with the broadest range and most adaptable.

Our products features a exceptionnaly high lighting power expressed in lumens to respond to the market demand of NF AEAS LSC products. They are designed to be easy to install and perfectly adapted to use with central battery systems.


  • NF AEAS LSC marking (see certificate)
  • Complies to NF EN 60 598-2-22
  • Compliance to the French safety regulations


  • Input voltage: 250Vdc and 250Vac
  • Flux and consumption (see PdF commercial leaflet)
  • Dimensions : W 220 x H 110 x D 314 mm
  • Weight : 3.4kg


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