Building security

Luminaires for central power systems


LUXSOL is THE solution for in-ground safety lighting in covered car parks.
It meets the requirements of French standards concerning safety lighting in car packs and safety luminaires.

LUXSOL is the second product, after PCCE, to receive the HQ Energy mark.


For operators, a luminaire capable of meeting any challenge...

  • Comfort and resistance: an ultra-flat profile (just 13,5 mm above ground) that cars can drive over without any risk of damage, and which pedestrians won't trip over.
  • No more ripped-out light units, thanks to its rounded shape and its two load-spreading screws, and no problems when a vehicule drives over it.
  • The use of LED technology removes the need for any sort life of the LED. It also means fewer faults, and therfore less car-pack downtime and an optimum use of the installation.
  • An HQ Energy product: the HQ Energy mark is given to products whose functions have neen completely over hauled in order to reduce their overall energy consumption.
  • Coloursthat signal security: white.

For installers, a complete product...

  • Integral wiring connections, supplied with an unpluggable connector fo two cables. No distribution box, which means less costly cable to be laid!
  • A signgle product for an all-voltage power supply (48V to 230V nominal, AC and DC)
  • The lowest power consumption on the market: at less than 1 watt per unit, you can reduce the size of your central battery system!
  • Simple and practical: power supply and connections integrated into the product.

No relamping, less risk of damaging units, a lower electricity bill... choosing LUXSOL for your car park safety lighting means choosing performance, peace of mind and energy efficiency.


LUXSOL is the only product on the market to meet all the following requirements:

  • Complies with Article PS22 of the French safety regulations for car packs.
  • Certified compliant with NF 60598-2-22 (safety lighting). Reference 6 995 066 with NF AEAS mark.
  • Certified compliant with NF 60598-2-13 (in-ground luminaires).
  • Bears the HQ Energy mark.


  • Class II, IP67 product
  • Integrated wiring connections - delivered with 2 cable glands
  • Connector with earth continuity (NF C15-100), allowing unplugging without disruption to the power supply
  • Widened flush device box suitable for fire-resistant cables with load-spreading ribbing
  • Dimensions: diameter: 95mm; above-ground height: 13,5 mm


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