• Start engine operations
  • Telephone Support
  • Troubleshooting of plant equipment in return
  • Troubleshooting on site if necessary
  • Sale of spare parts
  • Depollution
  • Battery recycling

Our goal is to enable our customers to develop a comprehensive range of services so that they can give more and more satisfaction to their own customers.

By choosing maintenance manufacturer you put your equipment in the hands of the expert the most qualified to make it work as efficiently as possible, as long as possible, at the lowest cost. Opt for the maintenance contract tailored to your needs and ooptimize your costs of owning and operating.

  • A full range of standard contracts Premium, Gold, Diamond, Platinium (pdf file in French)
  • Contracts tailored to specific needs

    Specify your requirement to match your needs

    LIf a manufacturer is to respond appropriately to a wide variety of projects, the customer has to specify his requirements in a precise manner. Gimélec members offer to identify the expected level of service on the basis of a generic reference catalogue of Service Classes.

    At each stage in a project i.e. Proposal, Supply and Operations Monitoring, there is a Service Class allowing the customer to specify appropriately his requirement.

  • More about AEES services (pdf file)

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